Lesbos | fishing and boat trips with Lesboshouses in Molivos village on Lesvos, Lesbos the Aegean island of Greece

Category Fishing and small boat trips
Company name Escape boat trips
Location  Molivos/Molyvos
Region North Lesbos
Escape boat trips
Activities snorkling, harpooning, fishing, swimming, BBQ
Spoken language(s) Greek, English
Phone +306974837055
E-mail scape@otenet.gr


 Lesvos Lesbos Island Greece
   Lesvos Lesbos Island Greece
   Lesvos Lesbos Island Greece



On the beautiful Greek Aegean island Lesvos in the harbour of Molivos/Molyvos you'll find Stratis Kabanas his boat just infront of the Le Grand Blue restaurant. He has a traditional Greek fisherman boat with which he can take you for fishing and on different exclusive and personal trips.


With just 4 people and him as the captain he takes you to little beaches and quiet places you cannot reach by other means of transportation. You'll probably be there alone.He knows the best places for snorkeling and fishing and even harpooning is possible. With a little luck you'll be barbequing with fresh caught fish on a little beach!

The boat can take you from MolivosMolyvos harbour to the east coast all the way up to Skala Sykaminia, which is said to be the nicest little harbour on the island. From Molivos/Molyvos to the west coast the trip can lead to the Rabbit Island in front of Petra village or as far as Tsichandra beach.

Stratis never mixes guests so if you want to go with two persons you won't be joined by two strangers. This way you can decide where to go and what to do If you are in for a real adventure is it possible to mix the boat trip with some jeep safari across the island. The trip can be just one day, but also up to tree days. If you feel that traveling by jeep is the way for you, he can also take you on an exclusive jeep safari with a maximum of two jeeps.

So, with Stratis you can just escape... anything is possible!


Open 7 days a week from 11.00 hours to 19.00 hours

Prices (in Euros)

 Day trip

 60    4 people  
Lesbos fishing and boat trips with Lesboshouses in Molivos village on Lesvos, Lesbos  Aegean Island of Greece

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