Lesvos tickets - Flight tickets and ferry/boat tickets for Lesbos Island, Greece

Lesvos flight tickets - Tickets ferry/boat tickets for Lesbos Island, Greece


Most countries will offer direct flights to Lesbos, Island of Greece but not all of them.
If not you can fly by frequent daily flights from Athens, Thesaloniki, Salonica, as well as Samos, Chios and Kavala or Turkey and from there you will need another flight or ferry to Lesbos/Lesvos.

You will always arrive in Mitilini harbor or airport (Capital of Lesbos) which is in the South-east part of the Island and from there you will need transfer to you final destination.


Athens International Airport All year round you can travel via Athens or Thessalonica:
From Athens International Airport "Elefterios Venizelos" (ATH) to Mytilini International Airport "Odysseas Elytis" (MJT) there are up to 7 flights available per day.
These Domestic Scheduled flights take just 50 minutes to reach Mytilini.
There are two companies: Olympic and Aegean. Do not forget that you do not pay airport taxes twice if your flight to Lesbos is not later than 24 hours from your previous flight. It's worth checking with Olympic Airways or Aegean Airlines , particularly if it's not high season and provided you book well in advance. They will often quote competitive prices right through to Mytilini (MJT), with the advantage that your baggage is checked through to your final destination.
You can travel every day all year round through  Athens Airport and take a local flight from there to Lesbos - Mitilini (Airport MJT). If you like you can take a ferry/boat trip from Port Athens/Piraeus to Lesbos port Mitilini (MJT).

All year round for people who might looking for a cheaper way to travel you can take a flight through Turkey with Turkish Airlines through the Izmir-airport where you will need a ferry trip to Lesbos, there will be a shuttle /bus (2 hours trip) going from Izmir-airport to Dikili harbor/port because it is close to Lesbos (Mitlini port/harbor).
This daily ferry trip from Dikili to Mitilini will take about 1.30 hour and will cost for around trip 10 or 15 Euros.
There is another daily ferry going from Ayvalik port  (Turkey) to Mitilini also about 1.30 minutes trip, but its more expensive (round trip is 35 Euros).


Online ferry tickets

During off season these ferries will go only

  • Tuesday from Dikili to Mitilini leaving at 17.00
  • Thursday Ayvalik to Mitilini leaving at 18.00


Transfer  to your accommodation

  • Local public transport with frequent bus service from Mytilene/Mitilini to the suburbs and the provincial areas of Lesbos
  • Taxi Service relatively inexpensive (Airport to Molivos is 60 Euros)
  • Car Hire Service all types of vehicles are available. An EU driving license is sufficient

There are reasonably good bus services cross the island, especially between Molivos and Mitilini. In May to September there is a local bus service all day long from Eftalou to Molivos to Petra and then to Anaxos and back. However, there is a less frequent winter service. There is a taxi rank just outside the town and fares are reasonable. A car is really not necessary within Molivos but if you wish to explore the whole island it would certainly be an advantage. There is a large port in Mytilini with daily sailings to Athens (about 9 hours) and Chios, and also frequent sailings to Limnos and Rhodes.

To avoid you getting lost we reccomend you to let us arrange a taxi to your accommodation or you can take the local bus, but please let us know when you will leave from Mitilini so we can arange to meet you or wait for you at Molivos bus station.

lesbos Greece  Bus station in Molivos


Lesvos Lesbos | All kind of flight tickets and ferry/boat tickets for Lesbos Island, Greece

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