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Welcome to Lesvos, one of the most beautiful islands of the Greek Aegean Sea.

Lesvos is the third largest island (with 1639 square km and about 100.000 residents) in the Aegean Archipelago with Mitilini as Capital behind Crete and Evia. Lesvos is virtually unaffected by the mass tourism and Lesvos is the perfect place to visit for people who want to experience the real Greece. Lesvos is ideal for adventure if people are worried about not having enough to do. Lesvos is the perfect destination and is blessed with Award-winning beaches, traditional villages, more varieties of birds (birdwatchers) and lots of wildflowers then anywhere in Europe, pine forests, medieval castles, picturesque harbors with local cafes and inexpensive seafood restaurants, abundant fish, museums including two of the finest art museums in Greece. The Northern part of Lesvos is the most popular area with his picturesque Molivos village and is the most popular place to be without being spoiled.

Lesvos is famous for his petrified forest of Sigri and hot springs as many people go there for health / skin treatments and has the sunniest days in a year. The island has more than 13 million olive trees and the best quality of olive oil.

Well our advice is to go and do everything while on Lesvos. This is an island full of monuments, traditions, history and culture, thermal springs, natural phenomenon and so much more. The energizing hot-springs the variety of birds and plants, the excellent climatic conditions, traditional Lesvos cuisine and museums exhibiting unique artifacts, are just a few of the attractions a guest may enjoy.

Lesvos Island is extremely diverse and has not been overwhelmed by tourists as much as some other Islands in Greece have. On Lesvos you will find a wide range of towns, villages and areas which await your visit.


Lesvvoshouses will hope to welcome you soon on beautiful Lesvos Island.


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